Monday, July 10, 2006

Vocab lesson #1 (Wk 6) (A-D)

(for all)

Some important words to know

Aperture:the size of the lens opening through which light passes

Bulb: A shutter setting marked B at which the shutter remains open as long as long as the shutter release is held. (works great for creative photos and fireworks)

Catchlight: A reflection of a light source in a subjects eye.

Color Management: A means of coordinating the color output of various devices so the colors you see in a digital image on your monitor will be the ones you see in print.

Contrast: The difference in darkness or density between one tone and another.

Contrasty: Describes a scene, negative or print with very great differences in brightness between light and dark. opposite of flat

Depth of Field: The area between the nearest and farthest points from the camera that are accepably sharp in an image.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Andie -

My question relates to last week... I know I can probably find this info in the manual, but in my opinion, that thing is written in greek!! How do I set my d-reb XL focal length to infinity?

Kathe (kajenkids on 2P)

10:54 AM  
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