Monday, July 17, 2006

Mary Ellen Mark

We all know Ansel Adams work, we know Anne Geddes...but how many of us know the other Masters and big names in the industry? In school one teacher was known for giving a test on the 1st day of class matching the names of the Masters and either thier work or what they are known for. YIKES! The thinking is you can't learn the art until you know the poeple who have really Mastered it.

Mary Ellen Marks is documentry photographer, but is usally called a "social documentarist". She has a B.F.A in painting and Art History and a M.A in photojournalisim both from the University of Pennislvaniya. ( Many photographers also love and dabble in another fine art (or craft such as scrapbooking?) )

Mark most frequently uses a wide-angles lense and moves in close the be more involved in the shot. She says she likes the sense of place that a 28mm lens provides. For her though it's about here subjects not her equiptment.

To see her work: *some of her work includes people who are not fully dressed*
Mary Ellen Mark
Her books at Amazon

HOMEWORK: look at Mark's work and "fell it" what kind of feelings dows it provoke? Is there something about her work you like? the color? the tones? the emotion? the lighting? Your home work is to imitate...because imitation if the best form of flattery. Create your own "Mary Ellen Mark" work this week by capturing what you like about her in some of your work. No i dont want an exact copy! I dont need you to hijack a circus! Have fun and "document" your life!


Blogger Melissa said...

Wow! Those are amazing! Such interesting, powerful pics with just a hint of sarcasm and irony! Thanks for the enlightenment. It will be a challenge to emulate those!

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